School of Humanities and Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary establishment of IIT Indore. We emphasize on providing students the much-needed experiences that enable them to face the opportunities and challenges of today’s changing world. In this effort, we always prepare ourselves to provide excellence in teaching and research through a continuous improvement process. Currently, the school constitutes Economics, English, History, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy, and carries research and teaching activities in these disciplines. We have made great strides towards creating research-intensive with multidisciplinary academic ecosystem. Our doctoral program integrates social understanding and technological advantage while responding to the needs of global society. This provides them a platform to develop expertise and appreciate diversity while gaining deeper insights into their areas of interest. Research scholars who are pursuing their doctoral degree enjoy working with people having diverse backgrounds and gain deeper insight into specific areas of their specialization through uniquely designed innovation- focused training. Social challenges that we face as a global society today are complex, but our understanding of its intricacies has grown and continues to grow. Our school focuses on the interaction among humanities, social sciences, management, engineering, and science & technology that altogether comprise the solution- driven approach in addressing real-world problems. Since its inception, School of Humanities and Social Sciences has carved a niche for itself as a multi- dimensional establishment. The school is currently restructuring into new facilities The school’s academic program offerings are both broad and in-depth, covering wide ranging issues with faculty specialized in various fields in the six disciplines mentioned above. The school is proud of its environment that fosters fellowship, intellectual understanding, and problem solving. We look forward to expanding our academic diversity by engaging motivated and talented individuals who are willing to undertake challenging research career.


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