Indian Institute of Technology Indore

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Courses Offered

Core Courses
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1HS 159English
2HS 108Economics
3HS 641English Communication Skills
4HS/IHS 302Environmental Studies: Social Aspects
5HS 797/798Ph.D. Seminar Course
Minor/Elective Courses
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1HS 205Sociology
2IHS 482Introduction to International Development & Area Studies
3HS 315Sociology of Science & Technology
4HS 412/612Contemporary Indian Thought
5HS 418/618Sustainability Studies
6HS 442/642Language and Mind
7HS 605Social and Political Philosophy
8HS 616Advanced Sociological Theory
9HS 628Institutional Economics
10HS 630Intellectual Property Rights
11HS 671Human Factor and Higher Cognitive Processes
12HS 743Indian English Fiction
13HS 745Postcolonial Theory and Criticism
14HS 201Understanding Philosophy
15HS 203Psychology
16HS 207French Language - I
17HS 206Paradigms and Turning Points
18HS 208 French Language - II
19HS 210Indian Economy
20HS 211German Literature and Cultural Studies
21HS 214History of Indian Culture and Civilization
22HS 216Introduction to Hindi Cinema
23HS 311Life and Thought of Gandhi
24HS 313History of Early Cinema
25HS 315Sociology of Science and Technology
26HS 323International Economics
27HS 341Appreciating Indian English Literature
28IHS 402Twentieth Century World History: Critical Perspectives
29IHS 422/HS 622Development Economics
30IHS 425Money and Banking
31HS 426Economics of Innovation
32IHS 443/HS 643Contemporary Short Fiction
33IHS 444Literature of the Twentieth Century
34HS 600Data Analysis and Technical Writing
35HS 602Foundation of Knowledge
36HS 603Epistemology
37HS 606Moral Philosophy
38HS 607Foundation of Social Sciences
39HS 608Nations & Nationalism
40HS 611Philosophy of Natural Sciences
41HS 615Humanities and Technology
42HS 742Twentieth Century and the European Novel
43HS 744South Asian Diaspora Literature
44HS 746Translation Studies
45HS 747Advanced Literary Theory
46HS 624Econometrics-I
47HS 626Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
48HS 724Econometrics - II
49HS 601Research Methods in Social Sciences
50HS 623Advanced Microeconomics - I
51HS 680Sociology of Religion