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Vinod Kumar
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Area of Research: Water Conflict
Water is one of the basic source materials for human survival, which has given rise to innumerable conflicts in the past and continues to be one of the most contested natural resources in the world today. As a scarce resource, water is bound to raise competition among its multiple users. These competitions often get intensified and are manifested as water conflicts in the social and political realms.
The State in its capacity has often appropriated the terms of water use and the related infrastructure associated with it. When normal course of water channel is intervened by administrative orders and the judgment of distribution is made through top-down approach, tussle is bound to happen. The manifestation style may differ according to the situation and persisting polity, not the theme of resistance.
Topic of Research:Understanding Water Conflicts in Narmada River Basin: A Sociological Analysis of OmkareshwarHydel Project, India.
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