Current Students

Full Name:               Qayoom Khachoo
Discipline:                Economics
Supervisor :             Dr. Ruchi Sharma
Institute Roll No:    12116101
Email Id:         


1. Khachoo, Q. & Sharma, R. (2016). Multinational entry and innovation in host country: does proximity to the frontier matters? Journal of Economics and Business (under review)
2. Khachoo, Q. & Sharma, R. (2016). FDI entry and R&D behavior of incumbents: evidence from India, Journal of Economic Studies (accepted).
3. Khachoo, Q. & Sharma, R. (2016). FDI-induced spillovers on innovation: an investigation into intra and inter-industry effects, Global Economic Review, 45(4):311-330.
4. Sofi, I., Imran, K., Hussein, K. & Khachoo, Q. (2016). Labour market regulations and in-formalisation of migrant worker: evidence from Indian manufacturing sector, Asian Journal of Law and Economics, DOI: 10.1515/ajle-2015-0022,
5. Khachoo, Q. (2014). Emissions, growth, energy use and FDI nexus: evidence from BRICSAM, International Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences Research, 3(8).
6. Khachoo, Q., Ramachandran M., & Sofi I., (2013). Determinants of FDI inflows to developing countries: a panel data analysis, Journal of International Business and Economy, 14(2):29-47.

Conferences Papers and Participation

1. Khachoo, Q. & Sharma, R. (2016) "Proximity to the best practice frontier and FDI spillovers” presented at 12th Annual Conference on Economic Growth and Development at Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), New Delhi, 19-21 December 2016.
2. Khachoo Q. & Sharma, R. (2016) “FDI entry and incumbent R&D in Indian manufacturing sector” presented at 9th doctoral conference at IBS Hyderabad, 21-23 April 2016.
3. Khachoo, Q. & Sharma, R. (2016) “ Foreign entry and patenting by manufacturing incumbents” presented at 3rd Indialics International Conference on Innovation and Sustainable Development at CDS Kerala, 16-18 March 2016.
4. Khachoo, Q. & Sharma, R. (2016)" FDI and incumbent innovation: an investigation into intra and inter-industry effects" presented at the 52nd Annual Conference of the Indian Econometric Society (TIES) at IIM Kozhikode, 4-6 January 2016.
5. Khachoo, Q. & Sharma, R. (2015) "FDI-induced R&D spillovers on innovation: evidence from Indian manufacturing sector" presented at 8th Conference on Micro Evidence on Innovation and Development (MEIDE), New Delhi, 10-12 February 2015.
6. Advanced Workshop and Tutorial on Operations and Research at IIM Indore, 22-25 August 2012.