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HFAC Lab encourages group members to participate in internship programs in academic institutes and industries (locally and internationally). We emphasize on providing feasible arrangements so that one gains relevant hands-on experience and skills through our support system.

Research Exposure: As an advanced research lab, we aim to diversify the knowledge that one can gain from various sources. Individuals are encouraged to interact with multiple research groups and participate in ongoing research projects that match their interest.

Mentoring Program: The Graduate Research Mentorship Program at HFAC Lab is designed to provide support for motivated doctoral students and master students where students have an opportunity for academic apprentice. This is mainly to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to research through expert guidance. This promotes students to work closely with a faculty/mentor in gaining an understanding of the kind of focused research work. Also, students are encouraged to utilize the program to develop research paper for presentation at an academic conference and/or for publication. General goals are to facilitate close working relationships between faculty and students during the early stages of graduate education, to promote timely degree progress, and to encourage a level of creative scholarship and research productivity that helps prepare students for successful academic careers.

Become an Affiliate: Our research group welcomes individuals with diverse backgrounds (irrespective of formal academic background or traditional occupational skill-set) to work with us as volunteer affiliates.

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