Indian Institute of Technology Indore

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

From the Head’s Desk

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Indore is an exciting and vibrant place of Research and pedagogy. We have 15 faculty members and more than 50 PhD research students working in exciting projects and problems. The faculty members of the School are an eclectic mix of researchers from varied disciplines of Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Apart from their disciplinary affiliations each of the faculty members are engaged in their specialised areas of research and write, publish and speak about their work. The interdisciplinary nature of the research within the school is reflected in two ways:

1. By the established research groups and their works that span different disciplines and areas of intellectual discourse. The following focussed research groups are active within the School:

  • Digital Humanities and Publishing Lab
  • Human Factors & Applied Cognition Lab
  • Innovation Studies and Econometrics Lab
  • Linguistics
  • Literature and Law
  • Performance Studies in Literature and other Arts
  • Philosophy of Ethics Studies
  • Sustainability Studies Lab
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Sociology of Film and Media Studies
  • Water Governance and Policy Studies

2. The research collaborations of the faculty members across these areas both within the school, across other Engineering and Science disciplines in the Institute as well as with other colleagues both nationally and internationally demonstrate the truly interdisciplinary nature of the research of the faculty members of the school.

We therefore have a vibrant PhD programme that comprises course work and a rigorous dissertation and project work. Our students have won prestigious national and international scholarships, fellowships and awards and we are very proud of their achievements when they are part of the school and all of our graduating students have gone on to excel themselves in their chosen careers too. Over the years, the School has hosted seminars, conferences, invited talks and lectures and our students have been actively involved in every one of those events, often leading from the front in organizing and facilitating them.

Details of each faculty member’s research, work and students and ways to contact them are available in the pages. We look forward to connections and collaborations and partnerships across the globe to contribute and move forward on challenges and opportunities within Humanities and Sciences. Please feel free to contact me at or ; the school office at . We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks and best wishes

Nirmala Menon