The school of HSS includes Economics not as a stereotypical notion of the discipline but attempts to contribute to research, teaching, interactive policy making through its diverse specializations. The variety of research topics on which research projects including doctoral research are going on indicates the potential for further growth in these and many other areas of specializations.



Psychological Science

Psychological science embraces various aspects of the human functioning- from nervous system to scientific study of mind and behavior. It has borrowedideas and techniques from other allied disciplines of social sciences, humanities, hard sciences, and engineering thus evolving various domains and becoming highly interdisciplinary. These domains collectively represent the discipline as an applied field of scientific enterprise. Also, various methods and theories ofpsychological science have been borrowed by other disciplines. This makes modern psychology to be a pervasive discipline relevant to everyone. Psychological research at IIT Indore maintains its interest in training new generation of professionals to promote scientifically oriented psychology in research, practice, teaching, and application. We maintain our commitment to intellectual ties with other parts of the institute and look forward to increasing participation in various interdisciplinary programs on campus. A variety of research, consulting, and internship arrangements are encouraged. Students receive training in the content and techniques of psychological research including- statistical and quantitative procedures, experimental design, survey methods, computer aided techniques, and other research methodologies.doctoral students must select a concentration area of interest with the adviser's authorization. A dissertation representing a significant research contribution to the field is required.