Prerna 2015

PRERNA is an academic confluence devoted to talks, discussions, and experimental workshops aimed at emphasizing academic interdisciplinarity promoting vision of a more integrated view of life, where the values of disciplinary knowledge is balanced with the values of pluralistic approaches.

PRERNA 2015 is characterized by thematic talks and engagement in hands-on experiential learning of art production with the aim of broadening our creative space. The event is scheduled on 25th of September, 2015.

We look forward to fostering interdisciplinary exchange of ideas with respect to diverse topics concerning social reality.Through PRERNA, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Indore aims at widening intellectual perspectives and enhancing creativity in order to inspire academic and social leadership.

Session 1

Men: The Forgotten Gender

Ms. Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj is a Journalist, Anchor and a Documentary Filmmaker. Her first documentary Gramin Dak Sevak was Jeevika All Asia Livelihood Film Festival 2009, student film winner. Her second documentary Youth Count was telecast on India's leading News channel NDTV 24x7. Her third project Garima was a commissioned documentary project by USAID and Counterpart International. She has also made several films for Sarthak, an NGO based in Delhi that works for employment of People with Disabilities. A software engineer turned Journalist, she was one of the ten media professionals selected from around the world for Future Media Leaders Course conducted by Thomson Foundation, UK. A strong believer in documentaries as a powerful medium of communication, she draws her inspiration from Late Mr. Brent Hurd, her documentary professor at Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. 'Martyrs of Marriage' is her first independent documentary film venture

Ms. Deepika's session addresses crime or cheating has no Gender; the pain is excruciating whoever did it or whoever found it.
Her session talks about the statistics which discloses the increasing rate of suicide committed by men due to the misuse of the dowry act. More and more men are resorting to this alternative because of severe mental, physical and economical abuse in strained marital relationships. The worst however is the legal torture that men of this country are subjected to - courtesy section 498A of IPC. Any woman of this country can file this section against her husband, his parents and relatives (howsoever distant they are), at any point of marriage (even after 22 years), get them arrested and make them a puppet in hands of police, media and judiciary. Even if it's a false allegation, a person has to undergo the trial and is considered guilty until proven innocent. The only way out for a husband's family, if implicated in a false case is either to give in to the demands of the women (property, cash and any other fancy demands) or fight the case with the system for next 5-6 years at least. Even the Supreme Court of India has accepted the misuse of IPC 498A and termed it as Legal Terrorism.
Her project 'Martyrs of Marriage' is one such program which brings out stories of the people who have suffered, fought and finally won the most unexpected battle in their lives - the battle of marriage. It is also a journey of those who are currently fighting for their rights, their innocence and their life. 'Martyrs of Marriage' is a story that needs to be told to change the mindsets that only a woman can be a victim.

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Ms. Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj

Session 2

Creative Art

Ms. Pooja Jain is the founder president of IFAA, International Fine Art Academy which is an online art education eshtablishment. She earned MFA in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA and a BFA in Fine Arts in from Indira Kala Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Institute of Professional Studies Indore, India. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in the United States, Italy and India. Her work has been featured in India's most widely read newspapers and media channels. Apart from her art background, she works for various NGOs as an adviser to promote online education.

Art is one way to express hope bottled and preserved when we need it; it reassures us the normality of pain by welcoming the feeling that pain is the part of the human condition. It keeps on reminding us that every good life has extraordinary amounts of confusion, suffering, loneliness and distress within it. Art is frequently something we are drawn to because it compensates us for what we lack, it counterbalances us and makes our lives going. This session is one such way to express arts.

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Ms. Pooja Jain

Session 3

Story Telling and Educational Content Development

Dr. Sachin Datt develops school educational content in the form of visual Infographics, Narratives and games. He has been working with Pratham Education Foundation since 2012 and has developed visual narratives on History of Electricity, Astronomy, Airplanes, Microscope and Optics. His research interest includes designing Mnemonic devices for vocabulary building. He holds a PhD from IIT Bombay in which he studied the relationship between student’s memory recall performance and narrative based methods of information organisation.

His session is in the form of a workshop which will explore the possibility of using Narratives as an educational tool. The participants will get an opportunity to get exposed to the advantages and disadvantages of organising educational content in the form of Narratives. They will look at examples of some successful educational Narratives and existing research both for and against the use of narratives in education. Participants will do project work in which they will select an existing narrative and present it as a useful tool for delivering educational content related to a specific topic.

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Dr. Sachin Datt

Session 4

Paparazzi's Activism

Mr. Amirtharaj Stephen is a Freelance Documentary Photographer currently working on Koodankulam Project. He has closely worked with Magnum Photographer Antoine D'agata. Better description of his work is represented by his project:

This session escorts how Photography is used as a tool to bring revolution. It revolves around issues you see them you feel them and you portray them; making people understand what is the real world.

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Mr. Amirtharaj Stephen

Session 5

Ceramic Ecstacy

Mudita Bhandari did her Bachelors in Fine Arts, specializing in Ceramics from Kala Bhawan, Viswabharati, Santiniketan (W.B). She did her Masters in Fine Arts in Ceramic Sculpture from Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University, Vadodara, followed by a three month residency awarded by the Ceramic Center, Vadodara. She later joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S University, Vadodara to teach in the Ceramic Department as a teaching assistant for two years. Inspired by the use of clay in the folk tradition of India, she began working extensively in terracotta. Her main preoccupation being the form and the use of spaces created by those forms in context to her concept and expression. She enjoys the tactile and porous quality of low temperature clay, which gives her the scope of playing with smoke firing affects as well as using different slips and sometimes raku fire them, creating a raw, tactile and rugged surface. She mainly builds a form by coiling and pinching, though enjoys mixing different techniques like slab as well as wheel thrown forms to build her sculptures when required.A recipient of The Ceramic Art Residency Program of the FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM) in Fuping China in 2013, A ‘Special Mention’ in the ‘Excellence in Ceramics’ Award for the year 2007 Jointly held by Delhi Blue Pottery and India Habitat Center, New Delhi and the Best Terracotta Exhibit in 14th All India Studio Potters show organized by AIFACS, New Delhi in 2002, she has also been awarded by the National Scholarship from the Human Resource Department, Department of Culture Government of India and the Lalit Kala Academy Scholarship in 2000. Besides her solo shows in Mumbai, Indore and Bhopal, she has exhibited consistently across India and abroad. She was invited to participate in the first, third and the fourth ASNA Ceramic Triennial held in Karachi, Pakistan and in the Permanent Exhibition of the Indian artists at the Indian pavilion in FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM), China 2013. Some of the prominent shows that she participated in are ‘The Tale of a city- Kolkata’ Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata 2013. ‘Jeff Shapiro and Friends’ gallery square circle, Auroville 2012, ‘Tiles Forever’ Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi 2012, ‘Golden Earth’ organized by Delhi Blue Pottery Trust in collaboration with AIC (Australia) at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi in 2010, a group show at Gallery Art and soul, Mumbai 2010, ‘Feats of Clay’ Gallery Threshold, New Delhi in 2009, ‘Maati’ an exploration in Contemporary Terracotta by Indian and International Artists, Visual arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in 2009. ‘Indian Ceramic Today’ curated by Trupti Patel at Lemongrasshopper Art Gallery, Ahmedabad in 2007. With a keen interest in the academic side of art education she has been invited to conduct workshops in prestigious institutions like, Rabinra Bharati University, Kolkatta, IIT Kanpur and IIM Indore to name a few. She has also been a part of the external examiner jury at Kala Bhawan Santiniketan, B.H.U Banaras, and Sriniketan. Her works are in collection with many private art collectors as well as Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal, and Ceramic Center, Vadodara, ASNA Karachi and on display at the Indian Pavilion of the Fule International Ceramic Art Museums, China.

Ms. Mudita Bhandari would talk about ‘what’ and ‘how’ of Arts. What is Art and how is it different from others. She would also portray art as a medium of expression through usage of any given material and in any form required. To explain the whole process she would be using the images of her and her contemporary artist’s work. It would be an interactive session with examples of art work through slides.

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Ms. Mudita Bhandari

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Simrol, Khandwa Road,
Indore M.P. India 453552