Our Group

We are an interdisciplinary research group formally identified as Focused Research Group in Human Factors (FRGHF). FRGHF harnessed the value of interdisciplinarity through collaborative research approach in the context of solving real-world problems. The group concentrates on broad domains of: Interaction, Transport, Performance, and Innovation.

Research Ph.D. Scholars at HFACLab

Shanu Shukla
Doctoral Research Scholar

My research interest pertains to the broader area of 'Affective Science'. Through the Experimental approach that involves psycho-physiological measure, I am interested in addressing the issues of emotion and human error in Media-multitasking scenario. Additionally I will be investigating the concept of emotional workload and emotional labor that people experience during Media-multitasking scenario.
Superviser: Dr. Sanjram Premjit Khanganba

Sajad Ahmad Najar
Doctoral Research Scholar

The broad domain of my research is Automotive Human Factors. The focus of my research is to explore the relationship between attention and error in driver multitasking. To be more specific, I am studying the relationship between different in-vehicle secondary driving tasks and driving errors and/or accidents. Moreover, I am interested in studying which of the attentional modality (whether visual or auditory) if distracted, by the secondary task, leads to more errors or accidents.
Superviser: Dr. Sanjram Premjit Khanganba

Research Co-ordinators at HFACLab

Mansi Chandresa
Research Associate